Master Rewards...
Master Rewards...

Campaign Rewards and Details

  • Hyundai Elantra 2017
  • Two trips to Europe. Each reward is a trip for two people amounting to $3,000
  • Cash rewards of $10,000 each for two winners equally, at the rate of two rewards every month
  • Five cash rewards each amounting to the total value paid using the National MasterCard with a ceiling of $1,500 for each reward
  • Ten purchase coupons from Sbitany Stores each worth $1,000
  • Ten prizes for a stay at  the Oasis Resort in Jericho to enjoy its facilities, each worth $400
  • The campaign will be launched on 13/2/2017 and will continue through 20/8/2017
  • The draw for the car will be on 20/5/2017. No draws on other rewards will take place that month (May)
  • Draws for the Europe trips will be at the end of the campaign
  • Draws for the rest of the rewards will take place monthly at the end of each MasterCard cycle, on the 20th of each month
  • Minimum amount to enter the draws is $100
  • Each additional $100 spent using the card will provide an additional opportunity to enter the draws
  • The campaign includes the Silver, Gold, and Platinum National MasterCards