Hayati Saving Account

Hayati Saving Account

The National Bank´s Hayatisavings account is Palestine’s leadingsavings account dedicated wholly to women. The account aims to encourage Palestinian women to save and become financially secure.Credit interest is not offered for the Hayati savings account.

The National Bank encourages customers, including minors, either individually or collectively, to open a Hayati account. For each savings account opened, The National Bank will donate $1 to the Dunya Women Cancer Center.

“Hayati” Saving Account Competition

A competition, in which Hayati account holders may win prizes, is being held for one year. This competition endeavors to empower women economically and socially so that they may have opportunities to excel.

Rules and Conditions

The following rules and conditions apply for those participating in the HayatiSavings Account Competition:

  • Participants must have a minimum balance of $300 or JD200 or NIS 1200 in their Hayati account for a minimum of seven days;
  • The minimum balance provides the account holder with one opportunity to win;
  • Each additional amount of $100 or JD70 or NIS 400 over the minimum balance provides the account holder an additional opportunity to win;
  • Any amount may be withdrawn from the account without penalty;
  • There is no minimum or maximum age limit for female participants;
  • Women seeking to win the fourth prize (see below) to establish or develop a project must also fill out a financing form at one of our branches;
  • Men may participate in the competition by opening a Hayati account; however,should that account win a prize then a woman connected to the account will be named as the winner;
  • Participants may withdraw from the competition by closing their Hayati savings account and transferring all funds to a current account.


The National Bank is proud to offer the below prizes for winners of the HayatiSavings Account Competition.

  • GrandPrize:  An apartment in the account holder’s residential area and a monthly salary of $500 for a period of 20 years and a brand new car Hyundai Elantra 2017 The Grand Prize is offered once at the end of the campaign.
  • 3 cash prizes with the amount of USD 10,000 each, offered in July, September and November 2016.
  •  The provision of three gold coins per winner. one winners will be drawn every two weeks.
  •  Interest-free financing of small-scale projects, with a maximum of $25,000 per project, for those participants who have applied for financing from The National Bank. This prize is not subject to a drawing, as winners will instead be selected by a panel of experts. The interest-free loan must be repaid within six years. A total of $1 million will be given in loans. This prize recognizes the importance of small enterprises in social and economic development, and is intended to assist Palestinian women in enhancing their entrepreneurial capacity, economic independence and creativity.